What People Ask

What is XcelToken Plus?
XcelToken Plus is a digital general-purpose utility token based on the ERC20 Ethereum protocol.
What is ETH / Ethereum address?
Your ETH Address is the address of your Ethereum wallet. You will use this address to receive funds, like ETH and custom Ethereum tokens. Mist, myetherwallet are some examples of Ethereum wallets. Please visit www.myetherwallet.com to create a wallet.
How can I get XcelToken Plus?
You can get XcelToken Plus using the following methods: Buy XcelToken Plus from these two crypto exchanges- Mercatox and Openledger.io. Earn XcelToken Plus when you purchase airline tickets, book hotels and other products/services from XcelTrip. As a vendor you can receive XcelToken Plus as payment for your services/products.
How can I purchase XcelToken Plus?
You need to use a Ethereum ERC-20 compatible wallet. You can purchase XcelToken Plus from these two crypto exchanges- Mercatox and Openledger.io. You need to use a Ethereum ERC-20 compatible wallet.
Do you provide a wallet to store XcelToken Plus?
We do NOT provide a XcelToken Plus specific digital wallet. However, any ERC20 compatible wallet can be used to store and transact XcelToken Plus.
Can I convert XcelToken Plus to fiat?
XcelToken Plus can be converted to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Eth, which can then be converted to fiat.
What is the price of a XcelToken Plus?
XcelToken Plus is listed on Mercatox and Openledger.io. The price will be determined by the exchanges dynamically.
How many XcelToken Plus will you be releasing?
A total of 50 Billion XcelToken Plus will be released. This number has been determined based on the use-cases and projected life-time demand.
How did you arrive at the initial price of XcelToken Plus?
Given the similarity of the token ecosystem to conventional monetary systems, it is appropriate to model the ecosystem using the equation of exchange,
i.e. M*V = P*Q, where:
M = asset base (total tokens supply)
V = velocity (average frequency with which a unit of token is spent)
P = price
Q = quantity
PQ represents the GDP of the ecosystem.

Taking velocity of M1 Money Stock V = 5.5921
Total supply of tokens, M = 50 * 109
PQ as the GDP of world’s travel and hospitality ecosystem = $7.61 Trillion USD
Value of the token = PQ/MV = 7.61T / (50 *109 * 5.592) = $27.21

Taking a conservative approach and supposing that we are able to take 0.5% of the world market share the price per token will be approximately $0.13.
Then, given the size of the ecosystem that is supposed to cater to the world population, we feel that keeping the price of the token around $0.11 is inclusive. Hence, 50 billion at $0.11 represents the 0.5% of the global hospitality ecosystem.
How do I convert XcelToken Plus to other cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH ?
You can convert XcelToken Plus to other cryptocurrencies through crypto exchanges.
What exchanges is XcelToken Plus listed?
XcelToken Plus is listed on Mercatox and Openledger.io.
Will XcelToken Plus be sold through an ICO?
There are no plans to sell XcelToken Plus through an ICO. All sales will be done through private sales.
When will XcelToken Plus be available for purchase?
XcelToken Plus is currently avalaible for purchase through the following crypto exchanges- Mercatox and Openledger.io.
Can I purchase XcelToken Plus using other cryptocurrencies ?
Yes, XcelToken Plus may be purchased using cryptocurrencies through Mercatox and Openledger.io.
What safeguards do you have in place to make XcelToken Plus a reputed and viable token ?
1. All proceeds from the sale of XcelToken Plus will be deposited in an escrow account. The funds will not be directly accessible by the company.
2. The founders, executive team and advisors will not have access to the tokens allocated to them for 6 months after allocation. The allocations of tokens are done via smart contracts.
What can I use XcelToken Plus for?
XcelToken Plus can be used to pay for airline tickets, hotel rooms, restaurants, spas and other services on XcelTrip and also at participating travel and hospitality service providers.
How do I create Ethereum wallet?
There are different types of ethereum wallets with separate wallet creation/installation processeses. Two of the popular wallets are MyEtherWallet and MIST. Please visit the wallets respective sites on instruction on how to create wallets. You may also visit our website for more information.
What will be the price of XcelToken Plus from 15th May?
XcelToken Plus is listed in various exchanges. The price will be dyanmically determined by the exchanges.