Being a global citizen is both opportunity as well as responsibility, and it’s especially more relevant and true for XcelTrip, because our whole business model is not only about individual reward for the entrepreneurship effort but spreading it among all who impact the success of the business either directly or indirectly.

Xcel Foundation is created with such distributed opportunity model in mind, where part of the business value created by XcelTrip is invested back in the community as a not for profit cause. The specifics of the non-profit activities and criteria to be qualified to receive Xcel Foundation assistance will be determined at a later date.

But, for starter, XcelTrip is committing 100 million tokens, which could be worth significant value by the time the foundation program is implemented in next two years.

The Xcel Foundation shall be an independent and autonomous body, run by foundation board with Preamble guidelines, which shall be adhered all the times. The board will create policy, guidelines and executable plan to run the foundation by keeping the letter and spirit of the foundation while applying the criteria to distribute the fund.

Generally speaking, the Xcel Foundation will use the proceed or increased value of the initial amount to reward the recipient, whether that is individual or organization, so that the principle investment in foundation is never depleted.